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Car Servicing

A prominent car serving and repair company in the UK sought our help to upgrade their outdated light fixtures to energy-efficient LED replacements across all 140 of their nationwide centres. As a leading provider in the industry, they entrusted us with this significant task, coordinating our team to work seamlessly while the centres remained fully operational.

Fluid-Electrical-work-car-06 Fluid-Electrical-work-car-06
Fluid-Electrical-work-car-04 Fluid-Electrical-work-car-04
Fluid-Electrical-work-car-02 Fluid-Electrical-work-car-02
Fluid-Electrical-work-car-05 Fluid-Electrical-work-car-05
Fluid-Electrical-work-car-03 Fluid-Electrical-work-car-03
Fluid-Electrical-work-car-01 Fluid-Electrical-work-car-01