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A full strip out and removal of the existing installation was undertaken to bring our client’s office in line with current industry standards. Reconfiguration of office floor power and data boxes were installed to suit the proposed office layout with a new 3 phase distribution board, capable of meeting the client's significantly higher electrical needs. Our team tailored the LED lighting design to meet our clients unique requirements, resulting in a workplace that is more efficient, productive, and visually appealing. In addition, we implemented a comprehensive fire alarm system that seamlessly integrates with the building's existing system, ensuring safety for all tenants.

Fluid-work-education-1-01 Fluid-work-education-1-01
Fluid-work-education-1-04 Fluid-work-education-1-04
Fluid-work-education-1-03 Fluid-work-education-1-03
Fluid-work-education-1-02 Fluid-work-education-1-02
Fluid-work-education-1-05 Fluid-work-education-1-05